3. Strategic Goals and Objectives

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Strategic Goals and Objectives


Limerick City and County Council has eight strategic goals.


Goal One - Grow a City and County Council that is recognised as ambitious and innovative for the people of Limerick

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Goal Two - Grow our economy and create opportunity in Limerick

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Goal Three - Invest in Limerick’s Infrastructure, project its natural and built environment and unique heritage mix

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Goal Four - Promote a socially integrated, healthy and safe Limerick

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Goal Five - Actively Engage with our Communities

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Goal Six - Transition to an environmentally sustainable low carbon resource efficient economy

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Goal Seven - Be efficient, effective and committed to providing services that will underpin an innovative Limerick

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Goal Eight - Work with our colleagues across the public sector and our partners in the private and voluntary/community sector to deliver on a shared commitment to Limerick as set out in the Limerick Charter

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Goal 7: Healthy Workplaces
With regard the actions outlined under goal 7, the HP...
Goal 8: Partnership Working to achieve Health For All and Health in All Policies
The HSE Health Promotion and Improvement Service looks forward to continuing to support the Healthy Limerick Programme within Limerick City and County Council. The Healthy Limerick Initiative...
Goal 1: Creating healthy places and spaces
We wish to reference the 'Making Places for People- RIAI Town and Village Toolkit' as a resource to the Limerick City...
Goal 2: The value and importance of Sport for All in growing the economy and opportunities in Limerick
Limerick city and county has a strong and proud culture of Sport which has grown significantly in recent years (Munster Rugby;Limerick Sports Partnership, University of Limerick Physical Education...
Goal 3: Investing in Active Travel Infrastructure to promote and protect the built and natural environment
The Health Promotion...