8.0 Exemptions

Closed16 Oct, 2021, 8:00am - 29 Nov, 2021, 5:00pm

8.0 Exemptions

The following categories of development will be exempt from the requirement to pay development contributions under the Scheme:

  • Provision of facilities by organisations which are considered to be exempt from planning fees as outlined in Part 12, Article 157 of the Planning and Development Regulations 2001 (as amended), except where specified below *
  • Voluntary organizations or voluntary/co-operative housing bodies as outlined in Part 12 Article 157(2) of the Planning and Development Regulations (as amended) **
  • Social housing including those which are provided in accordance with an agreement made under Part V of the Act 2000 (as amended under the Planning and Development (Amendment) Act,) or which are provided by a voluntary or co-operative housing body, which is recognised as such by the Council  
  • Re-use of a protected structure for residential or commercial purposes. (Note: all extensions to protected structures will be charged at the appropriate rate)
  • Non-fee paying primary schools and secondary schools
  • Burial grounds
  • The provision of transmission or distribution lines for conducting electricity or telecommunication lines
  • Developments provided for individuals who are in receipt of funding under Housing Adaptation Grant Scheme in respect of new developments up to 150 sqm. Developments above this size will be subject to the normal residential charge outlined in Appendix A attached
  • Horticultural polytunnels, glasshouses and mushroom tunnels. Agricultural developments as defined in the Planning and Development Act (as amended) including Anaerobic Digesters.

Note 1:  Garden Centres and Nurseries will be subject to the development contribution charge for Retail Development in respect of the covered floor area which is retail based  

Note 2: Small quarrying works, of less than 0.2 hectares, relating to agricultural activity, which is only to be used in connection with the agricultural holding it is located on and is not for commercial purposes will be exempt

  • ln accordance with the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government Circular Letter: PL 03/2018, Telecommunications infrastructure, both mobile and broadband, which supports the provision of mobile and broadband services throughout Limerick will be exempt
  • Renewable energy developments which are not supplying electricity to the national grid including small-scale renewable energy developments generating energy primarily for onsite usage e.g. for domestic, agricultural, small industry and educational purposes. Note: This exemption does not apply to proposed renewable energy developments primarily delivering energy off site (for sale), whether for use in Ireland or for export to another market
  • Not for profit Childcare Facilities
  • Ancillary surface car parking
  • Ancillary non surface residential car parking
  • The non-built elements of recreational facilities
  • Entrance gates/railing/fencing etc.
  • Elevational alterations
  • Internal layout changes where no additional floor area is proposed

* “where a planning application consists of development designed or intended to be used for social, recreational, educational or religious purposes by the inhabitants of a locality, or by people of a particular group or religious purpose denomination, and is not to be used mainly for profit or gain,
Is designed or intended to be used as a workshop, training facility, hostel or other accommodation for persons with disabilities and is not to be used mainly for profit or gain”

This exemption for the payment of contributions will not apply to:

  • Third level educational institutions and student accommodation;
  • Fee paying schools;
  • Hospitals and similar developments.

** “ Where a planning application consists of or comprises the provision of houses, or development ancillary to such provisions, which is proposed to be carried out by or on behalf of a Body approved for the purposes of Section 6 of the Housing(Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 1925 (no. 18 of 1992) and is not used mainly for profit or gain”