Landscape, Heritage & Green Infrastruture

Closed15 Aug, 2020, 8:00am - 12 Oct, 2020, 5:00pm

Landscape, Heritage & Green Infrastruture

Limerick’s natural heritage is an integral part of our inheritance and forms part of our sense of identity, providing resources of social, educational, recreational and aesthetic value. Heritage doesn’t just include buildings, it includes our landscapes, rivers, woodlands, hedgerows, geology, plans and animals.

The demands being placed on our environment, both natural and built, to satisfy the needs of farming, forestry, industry, housing, transport, leisure and urban growth are increasing. We must seek to maintain a high quality environment while satisfying economic and social need. Blue and Green Infrastructure can be described as the interconnected networks of land and water around us - nature conservation areas, parks, open space, rivers, floodplains, wetlands, farmland and coastal areas found throughout Limerick.

The Limerick Development Plan will aim to identify what green networks/corridors require protection and where greenways may be considered for development.

Parks managed by Limerick City & County Council
  Air Quality Monitors 

"Let it Bee" Campaign 


 Noise Monitors


Protected Structures 1,400 in the County 381 in Limerick City 

Archictural Conservation Areas

National Inventory of Architectural Structures

of Greenway in Limerick

Consider the following questions:

How do we achieve and maintain a balance between development pressure and protection of our built and natural heritage?

How do we encourage sensitive reuse of redundant or derelict Protected Structures or buildings with heritage value?

What do you think are Limerick’s key cultural and built heritage assets that need to be protected?

How do we promote the health, environment & heritage benefits of Green Infrastructure?



Background Paper: