Chapter 5 - Next Steps

Closed28 Feb, 2023, 3:54pm - 30 Apr, 2023, 5:00pm

As outlined in the key stages in developing the LECP, the first step in the process is the preparation of a socio-economic analysis. This is part of the socio-economic statement, which identifies the key development needs and challenges for the local authority area over the six year period of the Plan. Based on the data, a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SCOT) analysis is developed and presented above. The detailed data and the SWOT analysis are an important part of the evidence base used to develop the High-Level Goals for the LECP framework plan.

The High Level Goals, Sustainable Economic and Sustainable Community Development Objectives are set out above in draft form. High Level Goals and Objectives of the LECP must be consistent with the overall national policy framework (The National Planning Framework: Ireland 2040 and the National Development Plan  to 2027), the regional framework plan (Regional Spatial and Economic Plan for the Southern Region, 2021) and the local authority’s Development Plan – Limerick Development Plan 2022-28.

The High-Level Goals, as presented in this document, form the basis of the Public Consultation Process in Stage 2, the next stage of the LECP preparation. This process will be used to inform the refinement of the goals and objectives and develop the outcomes / metrics for measurement.

The preparation of the LECP uses a collaborative, consultative and participative approach, giving key stakeholders the opportunity to contribute their views and ideas to the preparation of the plan. Following the Consultation Process, the next Stage (Stage 3) will involve refinement of the High-Level Goals and further development of the objectives within both the economic and the community elements of the LECP. The expected outcomes and key metrics for measurement of outcomes over the six-year period will also be developed.

The draft Framework LECP – the High Level Goals, Objectives and expected outcomes - will then be presented for consideration to Municipal Districts and the Regional Assembly, before commencing with the Stage 4, Finalisation of Framework LECP. Stage 5, Implementation, will involve preparation of the two-year Implementation Plans, and Stage 6 Monitoring, Evaluation and Review.