The site is subject to Limerick City Development Plan 2010 - 2016 and Map 1 indicates a zoning of 2A Residential. The proposed site is approximately 1.3 km from the nearest District Centre of Parkway, a Level 2 Tier 2 District as per Table 4.5 of Limerick Metropolitan Retail Hierarchy (Map 1B Retail / Commercial). 


Flood Risk

The proposed site falls within flood zone C negating requirements for further flood risk assessment. (Map 2: Flood Risk Areas Limerick City Development Plan 2010 - 2016). 


Area profile

The site lies within the Garryowen/Singland area as set out in Chapter 14 - Area Profiles of The Limerick City Development Plan 2010 - 2016. A principle issue identified for this area is that development “should take into account the scale and character of the existing surrounding developments”. A key objective of this area is “To promote a high standard of urban design with a clear sense of place and architectural quality that respects the existing character”.  The proposed development of this vacant brownfield site will contribute to strengthening the residential character of this area.



The Limerick City Development Plan states that densities in excess of 35-50 dwellings per hectare shall be encouraged subject to appropriate qualitative safeguards. The proposed unit layout provides for a density of 107 units/hectare. This relatively higher figure is a result of the building edge forming the site boundary edge and that all access roads and parking are located outside the boundary perimeter.