In accordance with Circular Nl/2007 - Revised arrangements (or the Appraisal, Approval and Management of Social Housing Projects and the guidance document ‘Quality Housing (or Sustainable Communities’ published by the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government (2007), the following planning report has been prepared for the provision of 31 no. new social housing units and 8 no. plots for affordable housing with associated service connections, lighting, drainage and landscaping at two separate development locations (henceforth referred to as the North and South development areas) for a site at Deerpark and Rathkeale road, Adare, County Limerick. This project will be developed by Limerick City & County Council under the Rebuilding Ireland Programme.



The proposed site plan developed by Limerick City & County Council identifies the following key objectives:

  1. Set out a cohesive layout of two storey duplex and detached single storey dwellings to the Northern Site located off a new road which will connect the existing Deerpark housing Estate to the Rathkeale Road making best use of current local services and public infrastructures;

  2. Set out a cohesive layout of semi-detached two storey dwellings and detached two storey future affordable housing plots to the Southern site located off a new road which will connect to the existing Rathkeale road;

  3. Integrate the development with the existing Deerpark housing estate, the historical Limekiln and adjoining stone structure and possible future housing developments proposed for adjoining sites respecting existing street lines, considering the massing of the development in relation to falling contour levels and using appropriate materials;
  4. Delivery of a high quality public realm and residential accommodation;

  5. Examine infrastructural issues and options.


The site comprises one of twenty sites identified for residential development and the delivery of social housing in the city and county. The site was identified by Limerick City & County Council and underwent an internal pre-assessment procedure with the Physical, Social and Economic pillars, to determine its suitability for housing. Accordingly, site selection was advanced taking a holistic approach to development and need throughout the city and county.


The proposed development comprises:

(a) Provision of 31 no. units and 8 no. plots for affordable housing at two separate development locations. The housing typologies are comprised of 7 no. single storey residential units, 18 no. 2 storey residential units, 6 no. apartment units and 8 no. plots for affordable housing. The unit mix comprises; 2 no. single bedroom units, 17 no. 2 bedroom units, 12 no. 3 bedroom units.

(b) New street connecting proposed scheme with Existing Deerpark Estate, new street connections to the N21, associated footpaths, the reconfiguration of the existing carpark (33 no. spaces) and the provision of new car parking (59 no. spaces);

(c) Hard landscaping including; homezone areas, bin stores, privacy strip to front gardens, rear garden walls and installation of street lighting;

(d) Soft landscaping including planting and trees;

(e) Construction of and / or remedial works to boundaries with adjacent sites;

(f) Construction of new watermain, new foul sewer connection, storm sewer and surface water drainage systems;

(g) Connection to public utilities;

(h) All associated site works.


Sewerage System
Sewerage System: Abbey View residents have been experiencing many problems with the present sewerage system which is currently working at full capacity. This proposed development, along with the...
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