Quality, durable materials will be selected for external finishes including; nap and rough cast rendered elevations to housing units A-F, fibre cement roof slates, timber/aluminium win- dows, hedging to the front boundaries with galvanised steel access gates, and timber post and panel fencing to rear gardens.


It is envisaged that traditional reliable construction technology will implemented for house types A-F, including masonry block cavity wall construction and timber roof trusses.


For house type G the proposed preservation and consolidation of the existing stone shed structure is fundamental to achieving an architecture where the old and new complement each other. The new building proposes to use the foundations and outer walls of the old stone structure, but a new metal framework will be inserted in the interior to create the upper floor apartment. The proposed metal cladding to the upper storey will contrast and interact with existing stone walls creating a different all be it rural architectural language.


Hard landscaping materials will be selected from material palettes identified in DMURS, please refer to JBA’s landscape drawings for further information.