1. Introduction

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Through the vision and leadership of the elected members, management and staff, Limerick City & County Council has put in place the building blocks for an unprecedented economic upturn that has transformed Limerick’s economic, social and cultural profile.


In the past five years, Limerick has seen over 15,000 new jobs announced and €2 billion of planned investment bound for Limerick. Initiatives such as Limerick Twenty Thirty, backed by the elected members demonstrates the Council’s innovative and novel way of approaching issues affecting Limerick. The Housing Development programme in Limerick is also advancing and in turn helping communities to address challenges in a way that benefits all who live, work and invest in Limerick for generations to come. The Strategic Plan continues to prioritise and commit to progressing our physical and social commitments. A specific emphasis on Town and Village Renewal is also helping to revitalise and rejuvenate out communities across the county.


This faith in the new Limerick story has seen Limerick become the fastest growing economy in Ireland and the Irish urban success story of the last decade.  The Limerick City and County Council Corporate Plan seeks to build on the incredible economic renaissance that Limerick has undergone over the past number of years following the amalgamation of the former Limerick City and Limerick County Councils - the biggest single change management programme in local government history. The Corporate Plan sets out the core objectives and supporting strategies and outlines our vision and ambition for the next five years. 


In setting out this strategy, we recognise that local government is the main vehicle of governance and public service at local level – leading economic, social and community development, delivering efficient and good value services, and representing citizens and local communities effectively and accountably.


Limerick City and County Council has positioned itself as a proactive organisation to serve the people of Limerick and this Corporate Plan will serve as Limerick City and County Council’s strategic framework for action over the duration of the plan (2019- 2024).    


This draft document outlining Limerick City and County Council’s proposed:


  • Mission Statement
  • Vision
  • Core Values
  • Strategic Goals
  • Objectives

This plan will provide a link to the Council’s budgetary process, Service Delivery Plan, the Performance Management and Development System and Municipal Districts’ Work Programmes.


As part of the preparation of the plan we wish to consult as widely as possible and in this regard we welcome your input into our goals and objectives for the coming five years.


General Commentary
The Environmental Health Service of the above jurisdictions warmly welcomes the development of the above Plan and is pleased to have an opportunity to feed into and submit professional viewpoints on...
The local authority is a key contributor to the health of people in Limerick
We would like to highlight the award winning Healthy Limerick initiative as one of the key achievements in the past 5 years as it has paved the way for a focus on building an environment that is...
Plain English would make this draft plan better.
It should be possible and a goal in itself to simplify the language in the whole draft Corporate Plan. A lot of the draft plan is difficult to understand. It could be made simpler without any loss of...
This document is incomplete.
This document is incomplete according to Section 134 of the Local Government Act 2001. The Local Government Act is clear on what is required in a Corporate Plan: A. A statement of the principal...