3.2 Goal Two - Grow our economy and create opportunity in Limerick

Dúntadate_range2 D.F., 2019, 11:17am - 18 D.F., 2019, 11:59pm

Goal Two - Grow our economy and create opportunity in Limerick


We will:

  • Position Limerick as a competitive knowledge economy, known for its skills base and excellence in a range of sectors thus creating a vibrant and diversified economy with a mix of economic uses and a strong education presence.
  • Develop a unique ecosystem for starting and growing new business - making Limerick Ireland’s most business-friendly location. 
  • Work with our partners to create the conditions for long-term economic growth, with a focus on job creation in Limerick and correspondingly develop rural economic nodes around our principal towns that dovetail economic opportunities with Strategic Uses for Industrial Zoned Lands.
  • Provide direction and vision around digital infrastructure provision with an objective of Limerick becoming more attractive to new investors and supporting local business to gain competitive advantage in the digital market place. We will also work to yield economic benefits for Limerick from the impact of disruptive technologies.
  • Complete the review and preparation of the first joint City and County Development Plan for Limerick aligned with the strategic aims and objectives of the National Planning Framework, Ireland 2040 and the Regional Economic and Spatial Strategy.
  • Deliver on our Tourism Strategy to enhance the tourism offering in Limerick including new areas of recreation, activity-based and heritage and cultural tourism, and to expand visitor and revenue generation for Limerick from tourism
  • Work with our partners in public agencies, the community and voluntary sector and local businesses to maximise local employment and training opportunities in those areas experiencing persistently high levels of unemployment and economic inactivity.