National and Regional Transport Policy emphasises the need to reduce the demand for travel and the reliance on the private car in favour of public transport, car-pooling, cycling and walking. Current transport trends are unsustainable and in order to meet future travel demand, change is needed.

Limerick City and County Council in partnership with the National Transport Authority are currently preparing the Limerick Shannon Metropolitan Area Transport Plan. The strategy will consider all transportation modes in developing a comprehensive transport strategy for the area. Movement and transport policy will be a critical aspect of the plan for whole of Limerick playing a central role in achieving sustainable development.

Connectivity advancement however is not just physical. Telecommunication infrastructure and broadband capacity represent one of the most critical steps in creating a more competitive economy. Limerick City and County Council is committed to examining how Limerick can increasingly use integrated digital technologies, ICT, data and analytics to operate in a smarter, more efficient way of living. Limerick’s proactive approach to smarter technologies can be seen in being awarded the first Irish European ‘Lighthouse’ City and the role out of the European Union

Key Enablers


Foynes to Limerick Road Improvement Scheme including Adare Bypass


Limerick Northern Distributor Route connect N18 to M7


Limerick to Cork Scheme


Newcastle West bypass 
Abbeyfeale bypass

Modal Split


Commute by car


Commute by cycling


Commute by public transport


commute by walking

Consider the following questions:

How do we reduce car dependency, and increase cycling, walking and public transport use?

Do you think car parking standards should be reduced for residential developments?

Where should we locate Park and Stride/Park and Ride facilities?

How do we create a ‘smarter’ Limerick so as to grow sustainably and attract inward investment?



Background Paper: