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People & Places

The National Planning Framework identifies Limerick for significant growth to 2040, which includes a 50% population increase for the city and suburbs. The Limerick Development Plan will play a crucial part in creating the conditions to accommodate these ambitious targets for Limerick City and suburbs. Development of Newcastle West as a key town and consolidating Limerick’s towns and villages will also be a key element of the proposed Development Plan.

The Plan will promote the use of appropriate residential densities and the identification of infill and brownfield development to consolidate development in the city. The urban centres of our towns and villages need to be reinforced as the central hub of activity resulting in vibrant and bustling towns and villages with a diverse mix of uses.

The Core Strategy sets out key locations for population and housing as required under the Planning and Development Act 2000 (Amended). While the Core Strategy guides the development of designated settlements within Limerick, there remains an ongoing demand for rural one-off dwellings in the rural hinterland. The Council acknowledges this demand and seeks to ensure that a balance is struck between facilitating housing for people who have a rural housing requirement (demonstrating economic and social need) while ensuring that balanced sustainable development takes places in our towns and villages.




One-off  houses granted 2010-2019   Source: CSO


(primary  specialist & post primary)




6.7% of population is 0-4 years

Consider the following questions:

How do we encourage more people to live close to where they work so they can walk, cycle or use public transport?

What tools can be used to deliver compact growth on infill and/or brownfield sites in our city, towns and villages?

How do you think we can bring vacant and derelict buildings back into use?

How can we achieve vibrant towns and villages, while allowing dispersed rural development?


Background Paper:

The Department wish to make the following observations
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I hope Kilmallock is given a chance to grow and meet its future needs.
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