Social, Community & Recreation

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Social, Community & Recreation

Sustainable communities are those that are economically, environmentally, socially healthy and resilient. The Limerick Development Plan will have a key role to play in safeguarding, strengthening and consolidating Limerick’s communities by ensuring physical environments are well planned, services and amenities are equal and safe and accessible to all, socially inclusive and to ensure all citizens enjoy optimal health and well-being. Some of our towns and villages are suffering from vacancy, dereliction and population decline. We need our towns and villages to be more attractive, vibrant and liveable places that encourage a younger population to choose to live in. Demographic change has helped make Limerick more diverse and vibrant, with immigration from many different countries contributing to cultural, economic and social diversity. The quality of services and amenities for a diverse and multi-cultural society will be a key determinant to achieve sustainable communities.


Primary Healthy Centres

Family Resource Centres


Childcare Facilities
122 in Limerick County
53 in Limerick City


Total Age Dependancy Limerick City
52.4% Nationally


Number of population under 24 Years of Age
Population under 18 years of age
25.53% Limerick County
22.99% Limerick City


Youth dependancy ratio Limerick
33.2% Nationally


Population ethnic or cultural backgrounds


Percentage of population who are non-Irish
11.4% Nationally

Consider the following questions:

Do you think there is adequate community facilities in your area?

How can the Plan promote social inclusion and equality for all our citizens?

How can we plan for an aging population?

How can the value of existing community facilities be maximised?


Background Paper: 

Please see my submission/observations and supporting documentation
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Community & Recreation
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Pivotal need of a "Multicultural Community Centre"
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Provision of a public, community swimming facility for the Newcastle West area
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Our Vision for Limerick is for a city where everyone can belong, prosper and contribute
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