4.2 Sustainable Community and Sustainable Economic Development Objectives

Dúnta28 Fea, 2023, 3:54pm - 30 Aib, 2023, 5:00pm

Sustainable Community Development Objectives (SCDOs), Sustainable Economic Development Objectives (SEDOs) and Integrated Objectives are presented below. These fit with Goals and Objectives at higher levels of the planning hierarchy – the National Planning Framework, Ireland 2040 (NPF), the National Development Plan to 2027 (NDP), the Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy for the Southern Region (RSES). Objectives are mapped with reference to UN Sustainable Development Goals (17 SDG) and the LECP High Level Goals. The fit with the 10 National Strategic Outcomes (NSOs) in the NPF / NDP, Regional Strategic Objectives (RSO) and Regional Policy Objectives (RPOs) of the RSES for the Southern Region and the Limerick Development Plan 2022-2028 are also shown in Appendix I. A summary of the SEDOs, SCDOs and Integrated Objectives are shown in the Table below.


Economic  SEDOs




Community SCDOs

E1. Labour market activation

I1. Limerick City Centre regeneration

C1. Education & learning

E2. Entrepreneurship  & enterprise eco-system

I2. Disadvantaged urban neighbourhoods

C2. Families, children & youth

E3. Diversification & resilience, targeting challenged sectors

I3. Connected city & sub-urban neighbourhoods

C3. Health & well-being

E4. Business expansion, targeting high value added sectors & clustering

I4. Town & village renewal & connected settlements

C4. Ageing well & age-friendly Limerick

E5. Business infrastructure, investment & connectivity

I5. Culture, arts, heritage & sport

C5. Social inclusion & personal empowerment

E6. Tourism product expansion & marketing

I6. Internationalisation, branding & promotion

C6. Sport, recreation & community buildings

E7. Cultural & creative industries

I7. Innovation & technology application

C7. Societal / community awareness climate action


I8. Active travel/sustainable travel

C8. Civic life & social capital


I9. Mitigation / climate action natural resources

C9. Integration of migrants & non-mainstream cultural communities


I10. Green energy  /energy systems

C10. Community safety & crime preventio

Please note the following points regarding the LECP. Fáilte Ireland is currently working with Limerick City and County Council on tourism priorities for Limerick City and County to enable Limerick to...