1. Introduction

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Park Bridge is a single span masonry arch bridge which carries a local road over Park Canal in Limerick City. The bridge was constructed circa 1799 and the humpback masonry deck was replaced with a steel-concrete composite deck during the 1960’s. The arch barrel voussoir stones, spandrel walls and parapets were retained during the deck replacement. There is a 3T weight restriction on the bridge with the bridge and the approach roads to the north and south of the canal designated as a “Slow Zone” and shared use areas. Pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles share this space and safety is managed through the implementation of a 30km/hr speed limit, speed ramps and junction traffic signals.

Limerick City and County Council proposes to improve pedestrian, cyclist and vehicle crossing facilities of the canal in the vicinity of Park Road, Canal Bank & Lower Park Road. The proposed development will consist of a new bridge crossing of the canal to be constructed to the east of the current Park Road Bridge.  This new bridge will connect Lower Park Road with Canal Bank facilitating two-way traffic flow.  Vehicle traffic on Canal Bank will change from the current one-way system to a two-way system with the carriageway being widened accordingly. The existing Park Road Bridge will be retained as a pedestrian and cycle facility only with the existing traffic lights at this location being removed. The proposed works also include for new road surfacing, installation of LED public lighting & surface water drainage works as required.

Irish Water’s observations regarding Part VIII planning application for Park Road Bridge.
Dear Sir/Madam, In response to referral for a Part 8 development between Canal Bank, Park Road and Lower Park Road, Limerick received on 17/12/2019 from Limerick City...
Notice of Proposed Development
See attached letter
Health and Safety Concerns
I believe the increased traffic due to the bridge will cause serious concerns for the safety of pedestrians and residents in the area. There are a number of dangerous bends on the road which are not...
Question need for bridge, query why DMURS not applied, question compliance with planning guidance
This project in its current guise does not adequately consider the needs of people walking or riding their bicycles in the vicinity of Park road and the canal bank. It will increase the number and...
Ref: Re Part 8 Park Road
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