Active Travel, Transport, Infrastructure and Utilities

Active Travel, Transport, Infrastructure and Utilities

Options for travel, transport and movement are critical to achieving national climate targets, healthier lifestyles, and for progressive economic development. According to the 2016 Census, 53% of commuters travelled to work, school or college as drivers or passengers. In line with national transport policy the proposed Plan is required to encourage modal shift to more sustainable modes of  transport such as walking, cycling and public  transport. The potential for growth in the Rathkeale will lead to additional demands on roads, water supply and sewerage treatment, energy supplies and telecommunication networks. The increased demand for services must be considered in the content of reducing carbon emissions and promoting a more sustainable way of living, travelling and working. 

 What are the key transport and infrastructure related issues facing Rathkeale?  What infrastructure is required?

How can we encourage energy conservation and alternative sources of renewable energy?