Built and Natural Heritage

Rathkeale has many fine buildings/structures, National Monuments and the River Deel contributing to the heritage and distinctiveness  of Rathkeale, in terms of place-making and the identity of the town.  There are 51 Protected Structures in the town and many of these are also listed as National Inventory of Architectural Heritage.  There are numerous sites listed on the Record of Monuments and Places for their archaeological significance.  Rathkeale’s heritage is an important consideration for new developments in order to conserve the area’s character and to create a ‘sense of place’. Conservation and enhancement of the area’s heritage assets including green/blue infrastructure and biodiversity will contribute to the attractiveness of the Rathkeale as a desirable place to live, shop and work and for communities to take pride in. 

What features of the area’s natural and built heritage should be conserved and enhanced?

How can key features of the area’s heritage be integrated into new developments?

What objectives are required to protect and enhance our natural and built heritage?