Who Makes the Local Area Plan?

The responsibility for making the LAP rests with the Elected Members of the Adare–Rathkeale Municipal District, in accordance with planning legislation and published Ministerial guidance.

The key steps in making the plan are set out below:

1. Pre-Draft Stage
Forming the issues to be addressed in the Plan and gathering information from consultation with relevant stakeholders and interested parties.

2. Draft Plan Stage
Following a review of collated information a Draft Plan will be prepared by the Planning Authority. The Draft will afford the public the first opportunity to gauge the direction, that the final Plan is heading.

3. Notice of Draft Plan
The Draft Plan will be available for inspection for at least 6 weeks. We will publish a notice in local papers letting you know that the Draft is available for inspection and inviting your submissions.

 4. Chief Executive's Report 
A Chief Executive’s Report will be prepared, based on the submissions received and containing the opinion and recommendations of the Chief Executive in relation to the proposed Plan.

 5. Consideration by Elected Members
The Elected Members will consider the Chief Executive’s Report and then make, amend or revoke the Plan as appropriate in accordance with the recommendations of the Chief Executive.

 6. Material Alterations 
In the event of material alterations or amendments, we will publish notice of this and invite further submissions. A similar process to that outlined at stages 4 and 5 above is then repeated.

7. Final Plan
Following consultation on Material Alterations, a further Chief Executive's Report will be prepared, to be considered by the Elected Members. The Elected Members will consider the report and adopt the