Population and Housing

The population of the Rathkeale was 1441 in the 2016 Census. The population growth target for the town is a population of 1844 people  by 2028 in the Draft Limerick Development Plan 2022—2028.  This additional growth requires 147 residential units.  In accordance with higher level plans—the NPF, RSES and the Draft Limerick Development Plan these units should be within the existing settlement and emphasis is placed on brownfield sites, infill sites  and re-use of existing housing stock/vacant buildings.  New residential areas should be connected, attractive and well designed with a range of adaptable dwelling types and densities, creating a sense of place and a high quality public realm. Continued population growth will create pressure on the housing market and on certain services and infrastructure including childcare, schools, transport, water, wastewater, recreation and amenity.

How can the quality of existing residential areas be improved?

Where should new housing be located? What type and scale should new housing be?

How can the impact of population growth be managed?