Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Dealga O'Callaghan

Volume 4 - Environmental Reports

I am concerned that the Plan does not contain any policies about trees despite all the benefits that they provide and are key organisims with a role to play in quality of life, air quality and climate change.  Trees are integral to our lives; they are keystone organisms that have a fundamental role in the terrestrial ecosystme upon which people depend.  In short people could not survive without trees, yet the Plan barely mentions them.  The Plan should contain tree policy statements for the following areas; (1) general tree management policies; (2) policies for the management of street & highway trees; (3) policies for trees in parks & open spaces; (4) woodland management policies; (5) policies for trees on private land; (6)trees & development policies; (6) policies for tree planting, design & establishment; and (7) a tree biosecurity policy to prevent the introduction of exotic pests & diseases such as Chalara ash decline and the my Phythophthora species.

A tree policy would have the following aims & objectives: (1) to protect & care for Limerick's trees; (2) to plant more trees in the right places; (3) to promote education & awareness of trees; and (4) to cooperate and engage with communities and relevant stake holders.

Limerick should appoint a suitably qualified person as an Arboricultural?Tree Officer to advise and address all issues concerning trees and to perhaps write a Tree Policy/Strategy document for Limerick

Main opinion: 

Lack of joined up thinking between policies on quality of life, air quality etc as there is no mention of a Tree Policy or a Tree Strategy

Main requests: 

Develop a Tree Policy for Limerick

Appoint a specialist Arboricultural/Tree Officer

Produce a biosecurity policy

Main reasons: 

To ensure that Limerick has a sustainable and resilient tree population