Feedback based on Written Statement & Interim review and Update of the Limerick 2030 Plan

Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Ray D'Arcy

Volume 1 - Written Statement

Scoil Íde has an enrolment of 750 pupils. Over two thirds of these access the school from the Corbally Road side. Traffic in the mornings is very congested. The layout of the road and the school means that the morning drop off and eveniong collection is at times precarious and dangerous. There is no doubt that the area would benefit significantly from the development of a cycle lane from the school on the Corbally Road side towards Shannon Banks and Westbury in one direction and from Scoil Íde to Grove Island in the other direction. The majority of pupils in Scoil Íde live within a 3km radius of the school. The main reason children do not cycle to school is because of safety concerns of parents which in turn adds to the traffic congestion.  Proper walking and cycling infrastructure would have a hugely beneficial knock on effect for the children's health and well being and reduce a large amount of unneccesary traffic.

This proposal also meets the obejectives of Chapter 9 Sustainable Communities and Social Infrastructure of the DLDP 2022-2028

Objective SCSI O27 - New amenity walkways It is an objective of the Council to continue to promote and facilitate the development of walkways subject to an appropriate level of environmental and ecological assessment. Any proposed development adjacent to such walkways must incorporate connecting pathways into the designated walkway in their design. Developments shall be designed to ensure that properties overlook proposed walkways.


Objective SCSI O28 - Trails, Hiking and Walking Routes - It is an objective of the Council to promote the development of regional and local networks of mountain biking, hiking and walking routes/trails. These should be waymarked/signposted and listed, where feasible and appropriate.

We measured the air quality on the Corbally Road and it is of a poorer quality to that measured on the Mill Road side of the school.

Scoil Íde is now designated a "Safer Routes to School " school as is St Munchin's and the Board of Mangement feel that this is an opportune time to put together a coherent and coordinated plan that wold allow us to enable the vast majority of our school population to cycle or walk to school safely

Main opinion: 

That Corbally would benefit from the development of a cycle lane from Scoil Íde out towards Shannon Banks & Westbury in one direction and from Scoil Íde to Grove Island in the other direction.

Main requests: 

That the Council develop their concept of the "City as a Neighbourhood" ( Pg 64 Interim Review and Update of Limerick 2030 Plan) ,take account of the large population in Corbally and act accordingly when rolling out cycling infrastructure throughout the city.

Main reasons: 

Scoil Íde is designated as a "Safer Routes To School " school and as such is in a position to engage meaningfully with plans to develop cycling infrastructure in the area. The current traffic situation is dangerous.