Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Caislean na hAbhann Resident's Association

Chapter 3: Settlement and Housing Strategy

The Castletroy area has increased significantly and consistently over the past number of years with approximately 15,000 people resident in 2016. The nearet Garda station that serves the Groody Road and the surrounding area is the Henry Street Garda Station which is 6 km away from the Groody Road. Our area is too far away from the station and call times are significant due to distance.

The Castletroy area as a whole needs a dedicated Garda Station with the large population and the increase in infrastructure in the area (Educate Together Secondary School, Private Hospital, and new companies like Edward LifeSciences, Northern Trust). We highly recommend that a Garda Station for the Castletroy Area be included in the Limerick Strategy Plan.

Main opinion: 

Include a Garda Station for the Castletroy Area

Main requests: 

Build a separate Garda Station for the Castletroy Area