Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Caislean na hAbhann Resident's Association

Chapter 6: Sustainable Mobility and Transport

Prior to COVID-19 the traffic on the Groody Road was unmanageable as it is a main link between the Limerick Bypass and the University of Limerick and surrounding technological park. Since then a Secondary School (planning file 191061) and Private Hospital have been granted permission along this road as well as opening of the new Bloodmill Road-Groody Road link (19546). In the traffic assessments for planning applicaitons for these sites the increased traffic on the road was mentioned and highlighted to be a significant problem calling for further investment. Even with the opening of the Groody Road-School House Road link, the increase in traffic will cause the road to become gridlocked at all times of the day. This will make entering and exiting our own estates near impossible.

We request that the Strategy Plan listen to the recommendations of these traffic reports on the Groody Road and the adjacent roads (R527 and M7 Junction 29) and implement them as a matter of urgency as the COVID-19 restrictions lift and the traffic volumes return to normal, and beyond. We request immediate investment in the road and surrounding roads to alleviate the traffic volume.

Further, the installation of cycle paths, albeit welcome, does not solve this problem as the uptake of cyclying in the area is not significant and further congest the Groody Road.

Main opinion: 

Increase investment on Groody Road and feeder rounds to alleviate traffic congestion

Main requests: 

Immediate implementation of traffic assessments of the Groody Road

Main reasons: 

The opening of a Private Hospital and Secondary School is going to put further demand and stress on the already congested traffic on the M7 junction 29, R527, and the Groody Road.