Enhanced Tourism Experiences in Limerick City and County

Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Larry deCléir

Volume 1 - Written Statement

Firstly many thanks for inviting submissions.

The area that I am focusing on is Volume 1, Written Statement, Chapter 4, 'A Strong Economy' and specifically 4.8 which concerns tourism.

I copied and pasted the areas that I am commenting on into a word document, and then inserted the ideas, observations, recommendations etc.  I include it as an attachment, and I hope that it will be easier for those who read it to match the points that I am making with the relevant paragraphs in 4.8 Tourism.  It is not long.  The word doc runs to 5 pages and what I have written is in dark red type to distinguish it from the original.  What I have written comes to 1,078 words.

Please excuse the map I found it hard to use.

Well done to everyone in the Council on the work done so far!! 

Main opinion: 

My opinion is that Limerick, in addition to investment in infrastructure, would benefit from a proactive approach to enhancing confidence and self-assuredness of its citizens. Limerick is no different to any other place in this respect. We are very fortunate at present in that we can build on these traits which are evident, and have been commented on, in our sporting endeavours. Traditionally this was rugby but they are evident in abundance now in hurling as well. We could really hit the ground running on this one!

Main requests: 

In addition to the 'main opinion' above, I believe that Limerick has the potential to become a major centre for boating activity, both 500+ km inland waterways and the sea. We are the only town or city in Ireland where it would be possible to do this, being, as we are, uniquely placed on the River Shannon (inland) and the Estuary (sea). With a bit of encouragement, over time, we could become a centre of major activity in both areas.

Main reasons: 

The principal reason why I am making this submission is that I'd love to see the tourist potential of Limerick being realised further. I have lived in four Irish cities and Limerick is unique in many different ways, having a genuineness and honesty that is hard to define but easy to spot if one lives here for a while. Three of my children live here and my grandchildren will probably live here when they grow up!