Limerick Public Realm Strategy

Open22 Nov, 2022, 5:00pm - 31 Jul, 2023, 5:00pm

The Limerick Public Realm Strategy will explore the current condition of central Limerick's cityscape, it’s network of public and green spaces, and will set out a vision and strategy for improvements to guide investment and development in the future. The strategy will look to further the previous innovative steps which have already been taken in Limerick such as the creation of pedestrianised zones, the rejuvenation of O'Connell Street, and the development of the quay walks. It will also seek to knit together links between existing Limerick strategy documents, and will be consistent with the aims of the 2022-2028 Development Plan.

There are 4 stages in the production of the Strategy.

  • Stage 1 Inception, involves data gathering, speaking with elected members, and includes an online survey for citizens to partake in which will give insight towards future Stages.
  • Stage 2 Context Appraisal, involves consolidating the information gathered as part of Stage 1, reviewing survey feedback, and hosting a further consultation event which will take place in mid-January.
  • Stage 3 Preliminary Report will capture additional stakeholder observations and analysis, refining the vision, and developing public realm typologies.
  • Stage 4 will include the production of an SEA Screening Report and AA Screening Report, and the production of the Draft & Final Strategy following further extensive consultation and engagement.

We would love to update you on the project as it progresses and evolves with your input. Please visit for key dates such as public events and Project Milestones.


Limerick Public Realm Strategy- Online Survey- Now Closed

Would you like to have a say on Limerick City's Public spaces and how they could be improved?

We would appreciate your views on your experience of the City Centre, good and bad.

By taking part in this online survey, your voice will help to inform how we design and manage the public realm in the future.

There are 15 questions to answer and the expected completion time is just 5-10 minutes.