Global Limerick Diaspora Survey (February 2021)

Closed5 Feb, 2021, 10:00am - 14 Mar, 2021, 5:00pm

Welcome to the Global Limerick Diaspora Survey!!

Global Limerick is a project led by Limerick City and County Council (LCCC). The aim of the initiative is to connect Limerick with its diaspora. Limerick is a living global community, comprising those who live in the home place and those based around the world with ties to Limerick.  The connecting links are the shared bonds of family, place, affinity, history and heritage.  Building on work that has been underway for a number of years, Limerick City and County Council now wishes to further deepen the engagement between Limerick and its diaspora, on the basis of mutual support and respect.
LCCC is currently working on a new strategy to capture that engagement.  As part of the development of the strategy, Limerick City and County Council would like to hear from people who are natives of Limerick or people who have an affinity to Limerick, through education, work, sport or other interests but now live in a foreign country or elsewhere in Ireland.  It is intended that the strategy will align with Government of Ireland's national policies in this area, in particular, the Global Ireland 2025 initiative and the National Diaspora Strategy, recently published by the Department of Foreign Affairs.
Limerick City and County Council would like to thank you for your time and participation in this survey.
The aims of this survey are to:
  • Identify Limerick diaspora communities around the world
  • Build a profile of our diaspora
  • Inform Limerick City and County Council about the interests and opinions shaping Limerick diaspora
  • Analyse these interests and opinions with a view to informing the new strategy
  • Gain more insight about our global community to help shape future diaspora engagement initiatives both in Limerick and abroad.

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A prize of €150.00 Aer Lingus vouchers will be awarded to one respondent (drawn at random) who furnished an e-mail address.   


The survey will close at 5.00pm GMT on 14th March 2021

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