Climate Change & Flood Relief

Closed15 Aug, 2020, 8:00am - 12 Oct, 2020, 5:00pm

Climate Change & Flood Relief

A new approach is needed to manage our future in a planned, productive and sustainable way with increased emphasis on travel patterns, energy use and the protection of the environment. The challenges of climate change and the transition to a low carbon society is a key component of National and Regional Policies and is a significant cross cutting theme to be included throughout much of the policy and objectives in the Limerick Development Plan. Climate change brings with it new challenges for Limerick City and County Council in the area of flood management. The challenges relate to extreme weather events and the rise in mean sea-levels with potential storm surges. Comprehensive consideration of flood risk is now a key requirement in the preparation of development plans and in determining planning applications. A Strategic Flood Risk Assessment will be prepared as part of the development plan process which will assess all flood risk in Limerick so as to inform land use planning decisions..


Investment propose into Flood Relief Schemes
Proposed schemes:
Limerick City & Environs Flood Relief Scheme
Castleconnell Flood Relief Scheme
Athea Flood Relief Scheme
Rathkeale Flood Relief Scheme


Share of energy related CO2 emissions by sector (%), 2018

Services 12.7%
Agricultural 2.2%
Industry 21.3%
Residential 23.9%

Consider the following questions:

How do we encourage more people to live close to where they work so they can walk, cycle or use public transport?

What tools can be used to deliver compact growth on infill and/or brownfield sites in our city, towns and villages?

How do you think we can bring vacant and derelict buildings back into use?

How can we achieve vibrant towns and villages, while allowing dispersed rural development?


Background Paper:


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Greensource Submission for the Review of Development Plan
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IWEA comments
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Plan needs to consider the risk of flooding in particular from the river in the decades ahead
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River erosion a major issue for Abbeyfeale
Not withstanding the fact that rivers will naturally change course as the centuries progress, there has been a number of incidents in Abbeyfeale in recent years where river erosion has caused sudden...