This report sets out the proposed Material Alterations to the Proposed Rathkeale Area Plan (LAP) 2023 – 2029, following consideration of submissions received during the public display period of the Proposed LAP. The report forms part of the statutory procedure for preparing a new LAP set out under Section 20 of the Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended). It is a key element in the process of bringing the Proposed Plan to adoption.

This report comprises three parts: 

  1. Introduction;
  2. Material Alterations to Local Area Plan Written Statement;
  3. Material Alterations to Local Area Plan Maps.

The report also outlines any updates to the Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening, Appropriate Assessment Screening and the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment, as appropriate.

The Proposed LAP was placed on public display for a period of not less than 6 weeks from 18th June through to the 02nd August 2022 inclusive. A total of 17 no. written submissions were received within the statutory timeframe for public display.

The 17 no. submissions were considered by the executive and changes to the Proposed LAP were recommended and presented in a Chief Executive’s report, dated the 07th September 2022, to the Elected Members of the Municipal District of Adare – Rathkeale.

Having considered the Proposed LAP and the Chief Executive’s report of the 07th September 2022, and the recommendations on the written submissions received, the Elected Members of the Adare – Rathkeale Municipal District at their meeting on the 19th October 2022, passed a resolution to accept the Proposed LAP and the Chief Executive’s report in respect of the Proposed LAP, subject to the Alterations in the Chief Executive’s report and subsequent Alterations proposed by the Elected Members.

In accordance with the Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended), written submissions with respect to the proposed Material Alterations of the proposed Local Area Plan only can be considered. The closing date for the submissions on the Material Alterations is 5pm on 05th December 2022. This display period will be followed by the preparation of a second Chief Executive’s Report to the Members on any submissions received on the proposed Material Alterations. Members may then decide to make the LAP, with or without the proposed alterations or with modifications to the proposed alterations, subject to the provisions of the Planning and Development Act, 2000 (as amended). The formal making of the LAP is by resolution of the Elected Members. During the LAP process, the Members of the Adare – Rathkeale Municipal District must consider the proper planning and sustainable development of the area, statutory obligations and any relevant plans and policies of the Government or any Minister of the Government.

Material Alterations

The following sections are the proposed Material Alterations to chapters of the written statement of the Proposed Rathkeale Local Area Plan 2023 - 2029, amendments to maps, amendments to the Settlement Capacity Audit and subsequent amendments to the Environmental Reports. The text in black is the text in the Draft Plan, the text to be omitted is struck through in red and text to be inserted is underlined in green.

Note: Where sections, policies, objectives, tables, figures or maps are proposed to be included or altered, the numbers of those in the Proposed Plan may need to be revised prior to final adoption of the Plan.