Appendix III – Sites and Monuments Record

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Archaeological sites are included in the Sites and Monuments Record under the provisions of Section 12(1) of the National Monuments (Amendment) Act, 1994.  Section 12(3) of the Act states “When the owner or occupier…of a monument or place which has been recorded under subsection (1) or any person proposes to carry out, or to cause or permit the carrying out of, any work at or in relation to such monument or place, he shall give notice in writing of his proposal to carry out the work to the [Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government] and shall not, except in the case of urgent necessity and with the consent of the [Minister] commence the work for a period of two months after having given the notice.”

Section 16 of the Act prohibits the use or possession of detection devices “in, or at the site of, a monument recorded under Section 12.”

The following table lists the Recorded Monuments and Places located in Abbeyfeale:


RMP Ref. No.





Abbeyfeale West



Abbeyfeale West