Chapter 11: Monitoring and Evaluation

Closed15 Apr, 2023, 8:00am - 29 May, 2023, 5:00pm

11.1    Implementation of the Local Area Plan

The Draft Plan sets out the Council’s vision and strategy for Abbeyfeale, including specific policy and objectives to provide a framework for the sustainable development of the town over the period 2023-2029. Regular monitoring of the progress made in relation to ensuring the effective delivery of the objectives set out in the Draft Plan will take place. This will include a review of identified actions to be implemented within the timeframe of the plan.  Coordination between other key departments in the Local Authority will be critical in ensuring that those objectives relating to issues such as roads, housing and community development are achieved.

11.2    Identified Local Area Plan Actions

The implementation of the Draft Local Area Plan requires the cooperation and participation of all stakeholders. The Council will continue their leadership role in progressing and securing the policies and objectives of the Draft Plan. The Council will also continue to foster a collaborative approach with citizens, communities, stakeholders, sectoral interests, government and non-government agencies to achieve collective support and successful implementation of the Draft PlanTable 7 below outlines the identified actions and associated lead responsibility, in implementing identified actions within the plan timeframe. Some of these actions are outside the control of the Local Authority and will be dependent on private bodies (such as developer’s/landowner’s) to be delivered. 

Time frame


Short Term


Medium Term


Long Term










Deliver the Town Centre Traffic Management Scheme and public realm upgrades

LCCC Transport and Mobility Directorate/ Planning, Environment and Placemaking, NTA and TII

Short – medium term


Improved cycleway/walkway connection between the Limerick Greenway and Abbeyfeale town centre

LCCC Transport and Mobility Directorate and the NTA

Medium term


Maintenance and upgrade works to the Multi Use Games Area in Abbeyfeale Town Park

LCCC Planning, Environment and Place-making Directorate

Short term


Development of a Greenway Hub in Abbeyfeale

LCCC Community, Tourism and Culture Directorate

Medium term


Develop a new cemetery

LCCC Community, Tourism and Culture Directorate

Long term


Upgrade surface water culvert along the Glorach Stream

LCCC Planning, Environment and Place-making Directorate/Transportation and Mobility Directorate

Short – Medium Term


Progress the N21 Road Scheme to planning stage

Mid – West Road Design Office and TII

Medium Term


Deliver a public footpath on the Clash Road to connect the existing and proposed development to the town centre

LCCC Transport and Mobility Directorate

Short – Medium Term