The inclusion of a commitment to a Garryowen Community Centre

Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Limerick Enterprise Development Partnership (LEDP)

Chapter 9: Sustainable Communities and Social Infrastructure

Limerick Enterprise Development Partnership (LEDP) strongly supports the Limerick Development Plan 2022-2028 and, in common with many other stakeholder groups, welcomes the opportunity to provide input to the consultation process. LEDP, as a key actor in Limerick City, is particularly encouraged by the by the rhetoric surrounding the LDP consultation process, which is underpinned by a strategic vision intended to guide the sustainable future growth of Limerick.

The Community of Garryowen is urgently in need of a dedicated Community Centre.  As the recent audit of community facilities showed there is a high level of disadvantage, a large population and yet it remains the only such area of the City without dedicated community facilities. LEDP has financially supported Garryowen CDP in the design of a new Community Centre, however there is still no concrete commitment from Limerick City & County Council to the project. It is essential that the Community Centre is specifically identified in the Limerick Development Plan 2022-2028 with a clear timetable for construction. The Community Centre proposal is supported by An Garda Siochana, Limerick Youth Service, Limerick Sports Partnership, PAUL Partnership and LEDP. Limerick City and County Council has recognised the need, but has yet to progress the project.

Main opinion: 

A Community Centre for Garryowen needs to be a priority and included in the Limerick Development Plan 2022-2028. It should be specifically identified in the plan with a clear timetable for construction.

Main requests: 

A Limerick City & County Council funded Community Centre for Garryowen.

Main reasons: 

Urgent priority to address the high level needs in this disadvantaged area.