Limerick City & County Council recognises the Social Housing Investment Programme as a central element in the provision of tailored housing services to those who cannot afford to meet their own housing needs. The Council seeks to create sustainable communities and acknowledges that this requires the delivery of quality housing in well managed estates.


This Planning Report has been prepared and compiled by Limerick City & County Council's Design & Delivery Department in consultation with other Design Team members in accordance with the requirements of Circular N7 /2007 ‘Revised Arrangements for the Appraisal, Approval and Management of Social Housing Projects’.


The proposed development will consist of:

(i) Provision of 12  no. residential units consisting of:

  • 3 no. 2-bed, 3-person bungalows
  • 2 No. 2-bed 4-person 2-storey houses
  • 2 No. 2-bed 3-person 2-storey houses
  • 5 No. 3-bed 4-person 2-storey houses

(ii) Hard landscaping including new; road and traffic calming measures, footpaths, entranceways, boundary treatments, parking, and retaining walls

(iii) Soft landscaping including new and supplementary hedgerows, and new specimen trees

(iv) New foul sewers and surface water drainage and

(v) All associated site works.