5. Other Elements of Planning Report

Closed14 Oct, 2019, 09:00 - 27 Nov, 2019, 17:00

Site Surveys & Investigations

The site and the road & footpaths of the adjacent Brookhaven estate have been thoroughly surveyed including topographical survey, ground penetrating radar survey, and utilities/services survey, and the proposed scheme has been coordinated with the survey information.



The Stage 1 Capital Appraisal outlined the brief as follows:

The proposed development will form a natural extension to Brookhaven.  The development of two storey units will have its own distinctive built form and design but will seek to integrate into the existing residential community.  The residential amenity of existing residents will be respected with the sensitive positioning and appropriate location of units and public open space on site.  This will be particularly important given the elevated nature of levels on the site.


Design Statement

The design strategy for the site has been formulated in response to the brief, the policy background, the input of Limerick City & County Council co-consultants, and the site context.

Unit numbers

  • 3 no. 2-bed three person single-storey units.
  • 2 no. 2-bed four person two-storey units.
  • 2 no. 2-bed three person two storey units.
  • 5 no. 3 bed 4 person two storey units.


Existing built and natural  context

To the western edge of the subject site is agricultural land and the existing Brookhaven estate.

To the north, east  and south is agricultural land.

The Brookhaven estate consists of 16 no. semi-detached bungalows, and there is little amenity/open space.


Proposed Site Layout

With a site that is steeply sloping in parts; the dwellings have been arranged around the flatter parts of the site to provide accessibility in and around the dwellings. The steep areas of the site are within the public open space, and are terraced and landscaped.

The proposed site entrance and road directly follows the existing Brookhaven road in a easterly direction.

The various house types are arranged so that Type 1, the single storey homes, are located on the flattest part of the site and closest to the site entrance , and therefore closest to the amenities.. Type 1 house types would be ideally allocated to the frail/elderly. The larger three bed for person units are located at the top end of the site.

The existing building roof line from Brookhaven is maintained in unit no. 1. The bungalow, which echoes the Brookhaven building type,  is in a terrace of three units that gentle step up the site .

The road continues eastwards into the site and straight ahead is the large open space with the existing mature trees located on the top of the eastern boundary. To assist in the pedestrian accessibility of the site the road cuts through the ground levels and is retained by retaining walls which will be landscaped. The steps here will be shallow so that guard rails will not be required.

As the road changes to a northerly direction , the corner unit no. 4 changes from a single storey to a 2 storey within the same building. The scale and proportion of the 2 storey gable end is designed to reflect the narrow rural gables of the area. The gable detailing also reflects traditional style detailing with simple lines, with no verge boards or soffits.

The building forms are terraced where possible, to support efficient and sustainable aims. But given the horse shoe shape; the form is broken up so that rear access is possible, and gables do not form boundaries which avoids potential for anti-social behaviour.

The units no.s 5 & 6, facing the western boundary,  are narrow in depth  so that the building line from units and 7 could be maintained; and wide fronted so that adequate private open space could be provided.

To maximise maintain accessibility the proposed road cuts into the landscape again at near the corner unit no. 7, again the ground in this area will be retained by terraces of retaining walls. To add interest and variety it is proposed to plant these terrace with native hedgerow tree planting.

The houses at the top of the site are the larger family units which benefit from less traffic and a large open space.



The building materials have regard to the for nearby buildings with a palette of high quality robust materials including smooth and textured rendered elevations, Aluclad timber windows and composite doors to a selected colour and slated roofs



The proposed scheme aims to foster a universal design approach.

All the approaches will be level or gently sloping.

All of the entrances will be fully accessible with level access.