Economic Development & Employment

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Economic Development & Employment

National and Regional Policy have earmarked Limerick and the Midwest Region as an important driver of national growth and a key regional centre in the Irish and European economy.

It is crucial that policies and objectives set down in the Limerick Development Plan provide the foundations to bring people and economic activity back into the city supporting the creation of quality jobs, in the right locations while creating a vibrant county with a high-quality environment.

A key focus of the plan will be strengthening our smaller towns and villages as well as rural areas by investment in services and policy support to return them to the strong, active and economically vibrant local drivers they once were.

The recent brand launch of ‘Limerick: Atlantic Edge, European Embrace’ aims to internationalise Limerick as a destination of inward investment, industry, tourism, education, the arts and culture and for people to live and work in.

Tourism is increasingly playing a significant role in the growing economy of Limerick. The Plan has a key role in facilitating the development of Limerick’s tourism potential.


New  jobs created in Limerick over the last 5 years


active enterprises


renowned third level institutions

24,000  3rd Level Students


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Investement in new enterprise and  property infrastructure as part of Limerick 2030


lower than national average Rent Figures

Consider the following questions:

How can we attract new employers and highly skilled works to Limerick?

How can the Development Plan assist in revitalising our City Centre?

What can the Development Plan do to support tourism in Limerick?

How do we protect traditional on- street retailing with the increase of online shopping?



Background Paper:






The emerging plan should be robust and enhances the potential of Limerick City and County within and beyond the plan period
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