Retail, Commercial, Employment and Enterprise

Retail, Commercial, Employment and Enterprise

Rathkeale is home to a mix of retail, commercial, services, agri-business, food processing and automation/robotics. This reflects the strong market function of the town with an agricultural hinterland, accessibility to the national road network and the availability of a workforce.  The development of business, enterprise and employment in the town and any expansion of existing facilities needs to be planned and managed to ensure an appropriate mix of facilities to sustain a vibrant town. The new plan will need to examine and identify any shortfalls in the provision of services and allow for the adequate zoning of lands to facilitate this type of development.

What supports/ services are required in the town to sustain and grow employment and employment potential?

What type of retail/ commercial services are required to serve the population?

Is there an absence of any type of activity on the retail/ commercial zoned sites?

Where should new retail/ commercial developments be located?

How can Rathkeale benefit further from the Greenway?  How does Rathkeale capitalise on business opportunities?