3. Strategic Goals and Objectives

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Strategic Goals and Objectives


Limerick City and County Council has eight strategic goals.


Goal One - Grow a City and County Council that is recognised as ambitious and innovative for the people of Limerick

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Goal Two - Grow our economy and create opportunity in Limerick

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Goal Three - Invest in Limerick’s Infrastructure, project its natural and built environment and unique heritage mix

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Goal Four - Promote a socially integrated, healthy and safe Limerick

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Goal Five - Actively Engage with our Communities

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Goal Six - Transition to an environmentally sustainable low carbon resource efficient economy

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Goal Seven - Be efficient, effective and committed to providing services that will underpin an innovative Limerick

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Goal Eight - Work with our colleagues across the public sector and our partners in the private and voluntary/community sector to deliver on a shared commitment to Limerick as set out in the Limerick Charter

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Goal 1: Creating healthy places and spaces
We wish to reference the 'Making Places for People- RIAI Town and Village Toolkit' as a resource to the Limerick City...
Goal 2: The value and importance of Sport for All in growing the economy and opportunities in Limerick
Limerick city and county has a strong and proud culture of Sport which has grown significantly in recent years (Munster Rugby;Limerick Sports Partnership, University of Limerick Physical Education...
Goal 3: Investing in Active Travel Infrastructure to promote and protect the built and natural environment
The Health Promotion...
Goal 4 : Creating healthy places and spaces for all
To support and augment the actions outlined under goal four, the HSE HP...
Goal 6: Sustainability, Health & Wellbeing
• Supporting the development and promoting public use of Active Travel facilities will help reduce emissions and noise levels and will improve people’s health...